Piretti Fine Putters was established in 2008 with the goal of providing premium quality CNC milled putters while using only the finest materials available. There are a few things that make Piretti Fine Putters different from other manufacturers:

Superior craftsmanship

We refuse to cut any corners during the manufacturing process, which is why we choose to mill all of our putters out of solid billets of 11L17 carbon or 303 stainless steel. We do not offer cast putters as we get much tighter tolerances by milling them in a CNC machine.

Heavy & Steady

Our designs feature a heavier head weight to help smooth out the putting stroke thus improving accuracy. A heavier putter head helps to quieten the hands and wrists during the stroke and makes the golfer use the bigger muscles to putt.

Light on Loft

We design our putters with 2.5 degrees of loft which allows for better speed / distance control on modern greens. Too much loft on the putter causes the ball to skip after impact, resulting in poor accuracy & distance control.


Premium CNC Milled Putters

Made in the USA


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